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Exciting, Pre-IPO Opportunities

Provide your customers with exciting, pre-IPO, unicorn investments that they would never have access to in their standard brokerage accounts. Companies are staying private longer, with more and more value being captured prior to going public. PrivateMarket's funds pool investor money, empowering them to make investments they normally reserved for the world's top venture capital firms.

Rapid, All-Digital Subscriptions

Invite your investors to an opportunity with a click of a button. All investor information forms, subscription documents, tax forms, and payment are executed online without a single paper signature or trip to the bank required.

Automated KYC/AML Compliance

PrivateMarket provides an easy-to-use interface for investors to provide all required identity, tax, and accredited status verification documentation. A direct connection with US goverment servers provides instant OFAC checks to PrivateMarket administrators.

Feature-Rich Investor Dashboard

Investors can track the status and values of their entire pre-IPO portfolio. They can make follow on investments with a click of a button, download statements, submit requests for specific opportunities, and contact customer support.

Broker Dashboard

Track All Investor Activity

A robust dashboard allows you to track all transactions, emails, investor interactions, earnings, fees, redemptions, and more. PrivateMarket ensures that you never lose track of your sales activity, and never lose an investor document.

Investor Support

PrivateMarket provides complete investor support from expressed interest to full redemption of their securities. The platform provides an integrated support chat service as well as email and phone based support, to both investors and your sales representatives.

Industry Leading Commissions

Due to the intense demand and highly illiquid nature of pre-IPO securities, PrivateMarket is able to provide highly generous commission structures. Not only will you have a product that is easier to sell, but you'll make higher margins as well.

Over $350M of Transactions Processed

PrivateMarket platform has facilitated transactions in some of the world's most iconic companies.

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White Label Solutions

PrivateMarket is able to provide a white-label version of the software and services for a limited number of brokers. Let us know if you are interested. Additional fees apply.